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Create contingency plan for NSW Service crashes

NSW Labor is calling on the Government to quickly establish a contingency plan for its COVID Safe Check-in system and Service NSW phone app after it crashed on Thursday afternoon.

From January 1, the Government enforced the mandatory use of the Service NSW check-in system for all businesses to ensure accurate data could be collated for COVID-19 contact tracing. This system failed on Thursday, leaving people unable to check in or out for hours.

“It’s only been a week since businesses were required to use the Service NSW QR code system and scrap any other check-in systems they were using. Once again the NSW Government has been ill-prepared,” said the Shadow Minister for Better Public Services Sophie Cotsis.

“This major crash of the Service NSW app is concerning as important information will be lost for contact tracers at a time when NSW Health is seeking to contain recent outbreaks of COVID-19.”

Ms Cotsis said the Government must have a back-up to ensure this never happens again. She said the crash also left many people without digital driver’s licences when needing show identification.

“This is unacceptable. The Service NSW QR code system is now a key line of defence against the spread of coronavirus and Minister Victor Dominello has to ensure there are no more crashes,” she said.

“The Minister must provide what action he is taking to rectify this App from crashing again,” she said.