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NSW MP Tanya Dadies

Thanking NSW MP Davies on advocacy for rights of unborn children


Dear Ms Davies-

A Merry Christmas to you, your family, and your Electorate Team.

Thank you for the update on the rights of unborn children, and for continuing to advocate on their behalf. I support your advocacy, as hopefully, some of my friends, on bcc, also do, cognizant of the right of choice on the matter.

Life begins at conception. The embryo grows in a woman’s womb until she gives birth to another human being. That is a biological fact that man-made laws/constructs/intentions cannot deny/change/alter, and needs to be protected/respected/dignified.

For me, the importance of Zoe’s Law would be diminished if it were relegated to the issue of compensation per se, yet compensation seems worthy of consideration.

The life growing in a woman’s womb is priceless – but in a world where cost-benefit seems to be norm, the mother needs to be ‘compensated’ for the pain and suffering caused by the loss of her unborn child due to a criminal act, seemingly because the mother would have spent money caring for herself and effectively, in doing so, she is benefiting the child inside her womb to develop properly health-wise, thus giving it the best opportunity to ‘survive’ and ‘live’.

Two related instances that government decisions/edicts/regulations seem to give different signals: the oft-quoted for convenience purposes UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is silent on the rights of the unborn child, YET in some judicial jurisdictions (in the past), women on death row who were pregnant have had their executions stayed until after the birth of their child and after a reasonable period of post-natal care, effectively a recognition by the judicial system that an unborn child is entitled to life, ergo, an unborn child is a human being ab initio.

The United States penal code may be relevant – 18 U.S. Code § 1841.Protection of unborn children.

Hence, compensation seems not only mandatory when an unborn child is killed due to a criminal office, it would be the right thing to do. The NSW Parliament needs to study further Zoe’s Law to include the matter of compensation.

May the New Year keep people’s hopes alive. Stay safe; keep well. God bless!


Evelyn A. Opilas