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Different views on PCC-NSW Special General Meeting – Part 1

AlricBayanihan News  was provided copies of letters from Mr Jun Relunia President of Philippine Australian Society of Senior Citizens, Inc (PASSCI) and from Mr Alric Bulseco current President of   peak community organisation  Philippine Communities Council of NSW reporting on matters about  the mechanism of a Special General Meeting (SGM) convened last 30 August 2020 in relation to proposed amendments to the PCC-NSW Constitution  and the incumbency  of the sitting PCC-NSW  President who was elected last February 2020 and to serve until February 2021.

Here is the letter from Mr Jun Relunia:

Dear Presidents / Heads of Affiliates

On behalf of the Convenors Bicol Communities League, Inc ( Zena Samar President with Bobby Lastica as Authorised Representative) , the Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens Inc ( Jun Relunia President) and the Samar Association of Australia ( Ethel Singzon President), I am submitting herewith  the Convenors Report  on the just concluded 30th August PCC – NSW Special General Meeting held at Marayong Community Centre.

The Affiliates have Spoken 

Twenty eight affiliates representing more than a majority of the current affiliates of 53 have answered the Convenors call for PCC – NSW Special General Meeting where everyone had the opportunity to participate in the discussion, agree and pass Special Resolutions. Please refer to the attached Signed and Confirmed Minutes of the 30th August Special General Meeting

The 1st Affiliates Convened PCC – NSW Special General Meeting adhering to COVID 19 guidelines was a success due to the active participation of the more than majority of the affiliates ( 28 ) ; efficient and  professional conduct of the Special General Meeting by Engr Ferdi Francisco as Presiding Officer, Ms Vangie Leones as Recording Secretary assisted by Ms Penny Perfecto; and commitment of  organisers and volunteers led by more than a majority of Past Presidents of PCC – NSW ( Manny Diel, Kate Andres, Jimmy Lopez, Malyn Chun, Ronaldo Villaver, Atoy Sayas, Neria Soliman, Evelyn Beed and Jun Relunia)

Reforms in Conduct of AGM and Elections Passed 

The 30 August Special General Meeting was also a success in bringing reforms thru amendments to the PCC – NSW Constitution in the conduct of PCC – NSW elections and holding of PCC – NSW Annual General Meeting. These reforms which will be implemented starting with the 2021 PCC – NSW AGM and election  will assure a bright future for a new norm PCC – NSW as the peak body of Filipino Australian community organisations in NSW. Please refer to the Attached Completed A6 Form ( Notification to the Office of the Fair Trading of Amendments to the Philippine Community Council of NSW Constitution) for the details of the various reforms passed during the Special General Meeting.

These reforms were approved by 3/4 of the affiliates present who were entitled to vote.

Please refer to Meeting guidelines of  the  Office of Fair Trading..

The 30th Special General Meeting had three specific purposes 1) to introduce reforms in the conduct of PCC – NSW election 2) to introduce reforms in the holding of PCC – NSW Annual General Meeting and 3) to consider breach of Rule 13.4 of the PCC – NSW Constitution and vote on no confidence for conduct unbecoming of an officer.

Affiliates Decided to Remove Mr Alric Bulseco as President of PCC – NSW

Following intense deliberations, the affiliates decided pursuant to Rule 17 of the PCC – NSW Constitution, to remove Mr. Alric Bulseco from the PCC – NSW Board due to a constitutional breach and conduct unbecoming of an officer of PCC – NSW.

Resolution No. 20200830-20 states:

RESOLVED that Mr. Alric Bulseco be removed as President of PCC – NSW due to vote of no confidence resulting from his breach of Rule 13 (4) and his conduct unbecoming of a PCC – NSW officer.

As lead Convenor I will send an email to the PCC – NSW Board of Directors to implement Resolution No. 20200830 – 20. I will bcc you all in my email.

Appeal to the affiliates

As President of PCC – NSW 2014 /15, I would like to appeal to all 53 current affiliates to work together towards a bright future for PCC – NSW.

Change for the better in the community will not happen unless change for the better starts within us.

This email is furnished bcc PCC – NSW Advisory Board and some members of the media..

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers

Maraming Salamat Po at Ingat

Jun Relunia

Lead Convenor, 30th August PCC – NSW Special General Meeting

President, Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc