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Filipino brothers go viral with “Ikaw Na” song

Three talented brothers from Manila went viral overnight when they covered the new song “Ikaw Na” from the comfort of their home. said internet music impressario Marco Selorio of Sydney.

The Ang siblings, Daiki, 11 and Deion, 7, performed and recorded “Ikaw Na” alongside their eldest brother, 17-year old singer Aldrich. The trio posted the video on Facebook yesterday and music fans loved it.

Within 48 hours, the “Ikaw Na” video reached 665,000 people, gaining 293,000 views, 90,000 engagements and 2,600+ shares.

Big brother Aldrich, who happens to be the main singer in the “Ikaw Na” original, shared the song to his younger siblings when it first launched on Spotify and YouTube last Friday.

Daiki and Deion were so inspired that they played the song over and over again.  They then asked their Kuya Aldrich if they could sing it together. They rehearsed, harmonized and had it down pat within thirty minutes.

Facebook video of “IKAW NA” by the Ang Brothers:

“Syempre, nakaka-proud na nakaka-inpluwensya ako sa mga kapatid ko. Nailalabas nila yung mga talents nila dahil sa videos na nagagawa namin,” said big brother Aldrich.

(“I am proud that I am able to influence my brothers. They get to showcase their talents through the videos that we create together”).

The Ang brothers have been collaborating on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic. The two boys hope that they can have their own original song some day just like their big brother.

Aldrich Ang and Crank$ are featured in the “Ikaw Na” song produced by Australian hip hop duo MÁS. You can learn the full lyrics by watching the official YouTube lyric video on