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Nep Palomo

Goodbye to avid golfer and friend Nep Palomo

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BY RIC DE VERA –  Eulogy   – IN DEFERENCE to the untimely demise of one of our avid golfers and friend, Nep Palomo on Mar 25, I am dedicating this column. : Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this eulogy was recorded & played during his funeral on April 3 via livestream.


“Pareng Nep! Bakit naman inunahan mo kami??”

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Golfers – good day.
I feel honoured and privileged having been asked by the Palomo Family, through Natalie, to give a simple tribute in the celebration of life of our dear Nep.

When I first got involved in golf I found a willing ‘accomplice’ in the person of Nep.

He has a multiple visa from his wife & family.

We travelled together,  as far as New Zealand with our partners; but mostly in the Visayas/Mindanao to join the annual PAL Interclub which normally followed by Fil-Aussie Interstate golf Tournament in Manila.
During my stint as coordinator for Kalayaan cup for 18 years, he has always – religiously performed whatever assignment he was given.

On a personal side, Nep does not drink alcohol, nor smoke;  but he loves his food.  .

He always has chocolates with him to munch when he feels like having some.

He also love texting even on the golf course while playing.

The last golfing encounter I had with Nep was during the 73rd PAL Interclub in Bacolod City three weeks ago. I asked him if he was going to join the 26th Fil-Aussie Interstate which scheduled the following week and he said “huag na muna Ric at napapagud na ako”.

Before boarding our flight bound for Sydney last March 23, I noticed him on a wheelchair and teased him…

He casually said to me “baka last golf trip ko na ito. . . Kasi nahihirapan na akong maglakad”.

Those words were so prophetic that in a matter of days I received a message and confirmed by Natalie, one of the children – harbinger of the sad news.

Thank you for the friendship. Thank you for the support, the camaraderie, companionship and care!

Let me also commend the family – most especially Zeny, for putting up with a passionate Golfer husband, and the Children. Thank you for your understanding .

Goodbye my dear good friend. You will sorely be missed by the Filipino-Australian golfing community.

Most of all I Will Miss you – my ever loyal golfing buddy!

Until we meet again. May you now rest in peace.

My heartfelt condolences and sympathy to your family!