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PM Scott Morrison

Prime Minister’s Easter Message

For Christians, Easter represents a time of reflection and renewal, as we remember the sacrifice of Christ, His resurrection and the divine story of redemption.

This year we will celebrate Easter differently.

During a time of great challenge for the world, we will celebrate Easter not in our churches, but in our homes away from our congregations.

This Easter has a poignancy with families separated and our traditions interrupted. We are distancing ourselves from each other this year, so that next year and beyond, our families and congregations can gather again. This global health crisis is a once in one hundred year event. At a time like this, when so much is being asked of us, the story of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection serves as a source of strength and hope.

Life has changed and it will continue to change in the many months ahead. Though we are separated from one another, faith teaches us we can be together in spirit, even if we are physically apart.

Every day our faith speaks to us about lives that puts others first. It answers the question put to Jesus: Who is my neighbour?. This Easter we will live that out. This Easter we are asking Australians to stay home, don’t travel, and don’t go away to holiday. That is how we can care for each other this Easter.

We have a long way to go, but we are part of an incredible country, and we are working together with an unparalleled sense of purpose, unity and co-operation.

So this Easter, we reflect and draw strength from our faith as we face the challenges of our times.
The Hon Scott Morrison MP Prime Minister of Australia