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PM Scott Morrison

Prime Minister’s Australia Day Message

As Australians, we belong to an ancient land with a story that spans 60,000 years.

Our national story begins with the oldest continuing culture in the world. Our most modern chapter has been written by millions of ordinary citizens driven by hard work, hope and courage, who, together, have forged a nation that is the envy of free peoples everywhere.

We are a free, diverse and accepting people who uphold democratic ideals and believe in seeing the humanity of others regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, age, disability, or income.

As we have learned anew in recent times: ours is a story of achievement and pain, effort and sweat, prosperity and struggle, and it is a story of a people grappling with the most tenacious and beautiful continent on earth.

This Australia Day we celebrate Australians who have in recent months fought bushfires, protected communities, tended to wildlife and supported the bushfire relief and recovery efforts.

Our volunteers and service personnel are a mirror to the Australian soul. Our willingness to generously support each other is a reflection of the gritty practicality that has always been part of our national character.

We draw strength from all who have given so much over this summer and we rededicate ourselves to the values that make us who we are.

Whether our families came here tens of thousands of years ago, generations ago, or are taking the Australian citizenship pledge today, all of us can be proud and grateful for this free and peaceful land.

We have much to be thankful for and still much to strive for.

Happy Australia Day!