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Filipinos promenading at Sydney’s Domain

Promenading at the Domain on Australia Day was a preoccupation for young Filipino families, especially the new arriving migrants to Sydney.

The Domain is a popular venue for outdoor concerts, open-air events, large political gatherings and rallies and is used daily by the people of Sydney for exercise and relaxation.

To Filipino families even those from distant Western Sydney,  the Domain is not only a refreshing place be but their practical way of communion with nature in the middle of a metropolis.

The Domain adjoins the Royal Botanic Gardens and is managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens Trust, a division of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, an agency of the Government of New South Wales.

Wikipedia says, “In its present configuration, The Domain covers 34 hectares (84 acres) and is still a popular venue for Sydney residents and visitors to relax and enjoy views of the City and Sydney Harbour. On any weekday lunchtime, its roads are filled with joggers and its grass used for corporate soccer and touch football competitions.”

Come Australia Day, many families with children and infants in tow throng to the Domain for a day out just whiling away hours and joining the celebration.

Bayanihan News has captured such scenes in a number of years.

Familiar faces when they were very very young? These are the families when they promenaded at the Domain on Australia Day many years ago.