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Australia Philippines Services League dinner

Celebrate culture and help communities in Blacktown

NSW Member for Blacktown Mr Stephen Bali said many of the migrant communities in Blacktown should be praised for continuing to celebrate the good aspects of the culture of their country of origin whilst at the same time contributing broadly to the development of the city. Mr Bali made the statement during the “Remembrance Day” Dinner tendered by the association Australia Philippines Services League (APSL) at the Boomerang Room of Rooty Hill RSL Club in Rooty Hill, NSW.
He said many interesting developments are happening in the city of Blacktown including the soon opening of the Sydney Coliseum Theatre in Rooty Hill which would give way to more celebrations of culture in this part of Western Sydney. Sydney Coliseum is the $100 million entertainment venue in Western Sydney scheduled to open this December.

It will be the biggest performing arts centre in Western Sydney. The Coliseum is part of the new eight hectare West HQ precinct which incorporates new and existing businesses including Rooty Hill RSL, Novotel a gymnastic and aquatic gym and a Pullman hotel. The community organisation APSL had been a longtime supporter of returned services league (RSL) celebrations.