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He is the Director

BY DOLLY ASUNCION – Random Thoughts BAYANIHAN NEWS  1 January 2001 – HAVE YOU tried being a director of a play or a drama perhaps? It is a highly challenging and demanding job. Indeed, assumes power and position. You are in control of every aspect of the play or drama you are directing.

Although a director needs a team to work with him like the scriptwriter costume designer, sounds and special effect engineer, camera men, floor director, to name a few, but the last say of every work detail belongs to him.

A director has the power to kill a character at the end of the story or decide to keep ones alive for a happy ending. He has the power to delay the rescuing team of the hostages in a bank robbery scene to give way for the ordinary bank customer to become the hero.

He controls the reaction and emotion of a mother character upon hearing the bad news of her child’s death. He decides when to rain and asks the rain to stop.

With everything in his power, a director wants all things to work out the way he wants them to be. No room for compromise or mistake – things should be by his way.Is it possible? Yes, it is achievable by the many famous, talented, hardworking directors of stage plays, drama anmd movies. But there is no way it would be possible when we talk of real life drama.

Real life drama? Well, well, all of sus then, have become a director and in fact many of us are still desperately trying hard to be a directors of our own real life dramas, Who wouldn’t  want to be in power, to be the boss, and control your life? No one.

But the irony or real life is neither one can claim that, “I can have a full and total control of my life’.

As we reflect on the vents and circumstances of our lives last year (2000) we’ll be surprised that most of them were beyond our control and power no matter how we tried and direct them professionally.

Sine if whom we know lost their jobs just before Christmas after long years of service with their respective companies. Who would want to lose their jobs at the end of the year? This is something unexpected therefore not in their script, A director of our lives, such a circumstance was beyond his control.

Some may have lost their love ones last year which have brought deep sorrow and mourning in their lives. Needless to say a tragedy such as this is something we would hope to erase forever in our life drama but we all know it will,never happen.

Some may have expected to be promoted by their employer after working so hard but someone else not deserving got promoted instead. Although, a job promotion is every’s dream it’s impossible to manipulate people’s thinking only to suit and fulfill our dreams.

Some may have worked hard and spent mot of their times in  the office with the desire  to provide their children the best education available and yet the end result was a broken marriage and delinquent children.

As we continue to reflect on our past events and circumstances which we honestly believe did try to control with the best of our intelligence, talent, power and ability yet did not unfold the way we want it to be. Do not be dismayed, Take a rest as you probably need a step back from being a full time director of your own drama of life.

This new year, why not try the hand over the job to the best director of life – our Awesome God. He has the full control of all things created. HE who has the power to turn and use even the ugliest scene in our drama to something beautiful and best for us that we may give Him glory.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your ways to the LORD, trust in Him and He will do this,”(Psalm 37:4-5).