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Filipino cruise ship chef

Filipinos are the best cruise ship crews in the world

BY JUN RELUNIA – relunia relunia2 relunia4 I earlier wrote about Filipino nurses and their world class patient’s care as I found out  at the Blacktown Dialysis Centre as prime example.

This time I would like to feature the Filipino crews in cruise ship I have met and the equally world class service they offer to customers as shown not only in terms of customer care but also hardwork, work efficiency and most of all friendliness. My prime example would be the Filipino crew of the Sea Princess on a journey around Australia almost the whole month of Oct from Sydney and return which Betty and I joined.

On this particular journey, there were 846 crew servicing 1,891 passengers. Filipinos account for 371 or 44% of the total number of the crew coming from 45 nationalities. India followed at 147, Indonesian at 73 and Italian at 33.  There were 14 nationalities in the passenger list with Australians at 1,378 followed by USA at 183, Great Britain at 114, New Zealand 112 and Canada  at 74.

Topping the list of ship crews are those from the kitchen area or galley where two  Filipinos hold important positions.   Mr Edwin Nuyda from Camalig, Albay is the Sous Chef and has 30 cooks under him.  Edwin started as a trainee in 1999 at Princess Cruises and has seen the world. He currently resides in Concepcion, Marikina with three kids. He is looking forward to his two month break in April.

Another Bicolano is Walter Barrio from Bula, Camarines Sur. He is the Chief Chef for Pastry and Bakery. 12 from Pastry and 9 from Bakery report to him.  Walter studied Mariner at Canaman, Camarines Sur and started as a helper in 1998 at Princess Cruises  and progressed along the way to attain his current role.

The kitchen prepares 16k meals ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) a day.

The Filipinos are dominant in the dining area mostly as waiters.  Waiters are great ambassadors of the Philippines as they are loved by their guests because they always smile and can make he guests smile and laugh and enjoy their stay. They are also great ambassadors for Tourism as guests often ask them the best places in the Philippines to visit.

The crew are on a contractual basis and their contract is usually nine months with 2 months break. Most of the Filipino crew have been with Princess Cruises for more than 15 /20 years and have sent enough money for their children education, buy a house, or whatever needs. Of course they are homesick; hence they always on the phone with their loved ones and always looking forward to their two month break to be with their family.