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Mayor Tony Bleasdale bats for Blacktown University

Newly elected Mayor of Blacktown Councilor Mr Tony Bleasdale today said Blacktown Council will push its plan to establish a university in the area as part of the council’s vision for the city as the powerhouse population of Western Sydney.

Mayor Bleasdale made the statement during his speech at the quarterly meeting of the Mt Druitt-Plumpton Seniors at the Mt Druitt Hub in Mt Druit, attended by some seventy senior citizens from the area,

Mayor Bleasdale said after a thorough assessment Blacktown Council is considering  proposal  by the Australian Catholic University out of eight proponents to establish a university in Blacktown in answer to the skilling needs of its population, with its young residents usually forced to relocate in their pursuit for higher education.

Mayor Bleasdale said the Federal government which is responsible for funding of university education had capped funding for further increased in university population.

Mayor Bleasdale said Blacktown Council received convincing proposal for establishing the university in addition to the present growth in enrolment from overseas students.

Mr Bleasdale who had served for a long time as Blacktown councillor recently was elected Mayor of Blacktown  after former Mayor Stephen Bali MP resigned from the position to concentrate on his other post as State Member for Blacktown.

Faced with increasing cost of living and lowering level of wages for its increasing population, Blacktown Council had to contend with the changing economy brought by modern technology, Mayor Bleasdale said.

A university or an educational institution is in a position to help  cope with the changing economc environment brought by modern technology. Mr Bleadale said.

The Mt Druit-Plumpton Seniors regularly meet every quarter of the year at Mt Druitt Hub with speakers and resource persons brieifing the association about socisl and community issues.

Aside from Mayor Bleasdale, Ms Susan Laguna from Multicultural Disability Association came to brief the associaiton on the issue of disability advocacy.

Known seniors community leaders including Linda Natividad came to share their experiences.