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When celebrities come to town from Manila

It used to be many become excited when entertainment celebrities come to town from Manila.

They literally paint the town red with fans all agog in meeting their TV or movie star.

Their cherished idol usually come to town either for a concert or as special guest in a community Fiesta or gatherings of that sort.

Words come out and the fans either adults or teenagers look forward to meeting them, sighing at personally seeing them in flesh, verifying some nuances in their personalities they had memorised from seeing them in movie or TV roles. Also from what they read about them in Philippine comics and magazines.

They passionately prepare a notebook and a pen for their autograph. And for some enterprising fanatics bringing a special object or personal effect where the star could sign on.

Those who are more prosperous would prepare their SLR or instamatic camera as there were no mobile phones then.

And then the camera-phones came. Suddenly, the paradigm started to change. Internet and mobile phones changed the perceptions and passions of fans,

There were fewer and fewer stage performances of Manila celebrities. Even in  the traditional fiestas or festivities, the number and calibre of entertainment celebrities dwindled.

The internet revolution had snatched the stage show and concert industry,  First, the entertainment idols come to homes via the cable TV. And more recently, they even come to each person on the screens of their personal moobile phones.

It began a new and different era for entertainment firmament.