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free swimming lessons
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Swimming lessons for country kids

Children across regional and remote NSW will get swimming lessons, as well as access to more instructors, and better rescue resources thanks to new Government funding.

Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant said the Royal Life Saving Society had received a quarter of a million dollars from the NSW Government’s Water Safety Fund Community Grants Program to deliver the ‘Swim and Survive’ course at about 60 pools across the State.

“I’m so proud of the support we’ve been able to provide Royal Life Saving so they can work with locally trained swimming instructors to deliver life-saving lessons for kids,” Mr Grant said.

“It’s not just about swimming lessons either – the children will also learn basic rescue and survival skills so it’s giving them a wonderful well-rounded experience to keep them safe.

‘While there’s often a focus on our coastline – we know that inland waterways can be just as treacherous so it’s important to deliver these lessons at a young age.”

Royal Life Saving Society NSW CEO Michael Ilinsky said the ‘Swim and Survive’ program would target thousands of children aged between 6-14 years to help them stay safe in the water.

“I thank the NSW Government for throwing their weight behind this important initiative, and I’ve no doubt it will help save lives, now and into the future,” Mr Ilinsky said.

“We want to help deliver this crucial life skill now as well as the education that goes along with it so as kids get older they know how to keep themselves and others safe around the water.

“It’s also great to provide this support to regional and remote pools and their team of instructors to increase support for these communities that may not traditionally have as much access to water safety programs and swimming education.”

The program will focus on pools in Western NSW, with a number of Northern and Southern NSW communities also benefiting from the program. Visit for more information.

The Water Safety Fund Community Grants Program prioritises initiatives that target high-risk groups and locations, identified in research undertaken by Royal Life Saving Society Australia.

For more information on the grant application process or the NSW Be Water Safe. Not Sorry water safety campaign, visit: