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Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata was developed from the Filipino penchant for crispy skin of the lechon or roast pork. The principle of cooking crispy pata is similar to lechon and chicharron Their recipes differ only by the part of the pi that is being used and the sawsawan or sauce for each product

The dish was popularised in Manila during 1960s during which the Barrio Fiesta restaurant chain became famous for its authentic recipe.

Crispy pata is versatile dish that can be served in a variety of ways. Whether as a pulutan or as a part of a formal buffet. Crispy pata is favourite at every Filipino celebration.

So to  Nelia Smith, as you requested, the Bayanihan News, here is the recipe that I hope you will will enjoy. Just be decisive with the preparation as Crispy pata cooks very quickly. With a bit of practice, you can master this dish in no time.


Whole pig’s leg (pata)          1 pc, choose the hind leg

Salt                                           2 tbsp or more to taste

Peppercorn                           10 pcs

Onion                                     1 bulb chopped

MSG                                       1 tvsp (optional)

Oil for frying


1.Boil water with salt and spices, enough to submerge  the pork leg

  1. Season well and continue to boil and simmer the pork leg until just

Tender. Make sure not to make it very tender or very soft,otherwise the skin will not come out crispy when deep-fried.

  1. Rrinse the pork leg and cool for 3 to 4 hours
  2. Deep fat-fry preferably in a kawali. Slowly drop  the dried pork leg

only when the olil is very hot and then cover the kawali to protect the splatter of the hot oil.

  1. When the skin of the pork start to get reddish brown, sprinkle a bit of water n the hot oil to encourage formation of blisters on the skin.
  2. As soon as the hot oil settles down start turning the pork leg to create uniform colour and texture of skin.
  1. Remove the pork leg from the hot oil s soon as it is cooked

and when the skin is crispy.

  1. Cut into desired pieces ans serve with vinegar, minced garllic and soy sauce.
  • From the archived cooking column stories by the late food technologist and entrepreneur Betty Salas
is a UP Diliman B.S. Food Technology graduate and experienced food technologist, manager, franchised business entrepreneur and former owner of the Sans Rivals, The Crescent Fairfield, NSW.