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Simultaneous contraband raids on NSW prisons

Three women have been charged after being caught trying to smuggle drugs into separate prisoners by stuffing the contraband inside their bras.

Police also charged a male visitor after he was intercepted with four balloons of tobacco stuffed inside his socks at Goulburn Correctional Centre.

The Security Operations Group used K9 dogs during raids at Cessnock, Silverwater Women’s and Goulburn correctional centres, targeting inmates, cells, common areas and visitors and seizing drugs, mobile phones and tobacco.

Minister for Corrections David Elliott said contraband is a constant challenge in the correctional system and that it is a risk to the safety and security of staff and inmates.

“I am  absolutely appalled that this weekend searches resulted in four visitors facing charges of attempting to smuggle contraband into a correctional centre – essentially placing the lives of our staff at risk,” Mr Elliott said.

“I want to remind visitors to centres that we will not tolerate this illegal activity and you will be caught and penalised.

“Intelligence officers at each centre monitor 24/7 for suspicious behaviour and this, combined with the detection skills of our SOG officers and K9 team, means that if you break the law you will be caught.

The raids netted the followed contraband:

  • Four mobile phones and three SIM cards;
  • 1.5g of methamphetamine;
  • Seven buprenorphine strips;
  • 268.35g of tobacco; and
  • 36 Xanax tablets.

CSNSW Commissioner Peter Severin praised the work of officers for preventing the contraband from being smuggled into the centres.

“CSNSW officers maintain a constant battle in staying one step ahead of inmates gaining access to illegal substances, and it does not help that these visitors are recklessly disregarding the law,” Mr Severin said.