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Paraiso Priest Singers at PASC Sydney Gala July 15

The Philippines Australia Sports & Culture (PASC) Inc. is so grateful and proud that the  Singing Priests from Malaybalay, Bukidnon will be performing at the Gala Night of the Miss Philippines Australia Candidates, this Saturday, 6:30 PM, 15 July 2017,( a formal attire gathering, at Rooty Hill RSL, Waratah Room,according to PASC PRO Josefina Musa.

Mrs Musa said PASC also want to thank playwright Dr. Mars Cavestany for his letter of endorsement, of the group as the group Musical Director (Joseph Espadilla) was his former artistic comrade from Manila (Joseph Espadilla)  is now the Artistic Director of the famous SINGING PRIESTS.

These world renowned Priests will be doing a very special Invocation number at PAC Gala event plus a later performance in the program and amazing entertainment from PASC  Miss Philippines Australia winners and candidates.

Here’s a brief about the Singing Priest  “PARAISO” Concert:

Paraiso, the concert talks about manâ’s heart for in reality it is where PARAISO resides. Paraiso reflects man’s being a good steward, a grateful individual and a joyful person in an imperfect world. 

Manâ’s attitude towards the simple and trivial things in life define who he is. Paraiso, despite man’s imperfection will always be paraiso, because basically it lives within the hearts of man, how he deals and take care of nature, how grateful he is even for the most minute contribution it offers to man and the condition of his heart to be joyful at all times regardless of circumstances.