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Fasika Ayallew, The Singer

By Imelda Argel LLB, LLM. *

“Amazing!    I never thought I would make it to the The Voice Grand Final. It’s a surreal feeling! Fasika exclaims.

“My mother encouraged me to join The Voice.”

Unknown to many, Fasika’s mother, Susan Nisperos is a true blooded Filipino. She grew up in Baguio City. Raised as a devout Christian, she has 10 siblings, mostly living in Melbourne, some in the Philippines.

Multiculturalism to Fasika, means different ethnocities and cultures living in harmony. This is exemplified by her parents. Susan met Fasika’s father, Dessaleyn  “Des”  Ayellew at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City. Originally from Ethiopia, he was then completing his Doctorate in Plant Ecology/Botany, while Susan was studying Master of Science in Marine Biology. Des migrated to Australia in 1989 and Susan followed in 1990. Eventually they sponsored the permanent residence of Fasika’s grandmother, Felipa and Susan’s sister, Zenia.

Des and Susan have two Australian born children, Dan and Fasika. A consistent top student from grade school to high school, Dan has completed his Commerce and Law Degree from the University of Technology and now works with Brookfield, a global property developer.

Fasika was likewise a high achiever at the Opportunity Class Dural Public School and Hornsby Girls Selective High School, before she started her law studies at Macquarie University.

Although there are no career singers from both sides of the family of Fasika’s parents, Fasika says, “my mother and grandmother, Felipa Nisperos constantly made me sing when I was growing up.

Susan says Fasika’s performance at the Voice, was a dream come true for Fasika’s late grandmother. Her wish was to see Fasika perform on stage, with an Australia wide audience.

Performing in more than 10 charity events/concerts, she won first prize in five talent quests in the last two years, namely, Blacktown Worker Club Talent Quest-2017, Marconi Talent Quest 2016, Chester  Hill Talent Quest 2016, Rock Lily – Star Casino Karaoke Competition  2016, and Burwood Got Talent Quest 2015. She was also nominated for the Rising Star Awardâ in both the 18th and 19th Australian Club Entertainment Awards Night, and 2015 Johny O’Keefe Encouragement Award.for the Best new solo performer who has worked in that capacity for less than two years.

Following the coaching of Kelly Rowland at The Voice, Fasika is now ready to launch her singing career, with confidence and an open mind. She believes that she is meant to have a singing career and has now accepted the contract offer from Universal Studios. This is not to say that her law studies is out of her plans. She intends to complete her law degree part time.

Asked as to what support she would like to have from the Filipino community, Fasika says, I would rather give back.

Years from now, I would like to have created good music that people love and that I am proud of.

*Imelda Argel  (former migration solicitor for the family of Fasika’s mother