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Mobile Voters Registration at Central Coast 18 March

ConsularoutreachstallThe Philippine Consulate General in Sydney will conduct a mobile Overseas Voter’s Registration on Saturday 18 March 2017, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm during the 20th Filipino-Australian Fiesta organised by the Central Coast Ugnay Kabayan Inc at Mingara Recreation Club, Tumbi  Tumbi,NSW.

Those eligible to participate in the Philippine national elections which will be held on13 May 2019 are Filipino citizens (including Filipino Australians who undertook dual citizenship) at least eighteen (18) years of age on the day of election, and not otherwise disqualified.

Registrants are advised to bring the following: 1) photocopy of valid passport, and 2)for dual citizens, a) copy of the Order of Approval to retain/reacquire Filipino citizenship; or Oath of Allegiance, or identification certificate.

Further inquiries may be made to  Ms Reggie Perol of the Consulate  at tel. 02 9285 8112 or email to