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Senator Sussan Ley Resigns as Minister

Hon Sussan Ley MP, Federal Member for Farrer Liberal Party of Australia. Official Portrait. 12 December 2016 . Parliament House Canberra. Image David Foote-AUSPIC/DPS
Hon Sussan Ley MP, Federal Member for Farrer , Liberal

Statement issued by  Senator Sussan Ley:

Today I have made a personal decision to resign as Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport in the Turnbull government.

This morning I submitted the final part of my report into Dr Parkinson’s inquiry into my travel and its compliance with ministerial standards. Similarly, I and my office are complying with the Department of Finance’s review into the travel rules.

I am confident that I have followed the rules, not just regarding entitlements but most importantly the ministerial code of conduct, and I do not object to the material that I have provided being made public.

The ongoing intense media speculation has made this an incredibly difficult week. However I am conscious that it has also been a difficult week for the government. The ongoing media coverage of politician’s entitlements has been a diversion from the important agenda we all wish to advance at the start of this vital year for our nation and our region.

Whilst I have attempted at all times to be meticulous with rules and standards, I accept community annoyance, even anger, with politicians’ entitlements demands a response and I wholeheartedly support the reforms announced by the Special Minister of State earlier this week.

The team is always more important than the individual and I look forward to serving both the Liberal party and the government well into the future.

I have been humbled by the messages of support from so many in my community. I am determined to represent my constituents vigorously, effectively and passionately in the current Parliament and beyond.

Finally, may I say that it has been a privilege to serve under Prime Minister Turnbull and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to work on behalf of the Australian people.