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Courier Go People Helps Santa Every Christmas


New research from crowdsourced delivery and courier service, Go People, has found that on average almost a third of New South Wales (NSW) residents (29%) receive Christmas presents late, as a result of unreliable couriers.

Of those late deliveries, more than half (58%) typically don’t arrive until after 30 December. This is putting a dampener on Christmas, with nearly two thirds (64%) of NSW residents saying late presents have a negative impact on Christmas spirits.

In an attempt to ensure gifts arrive on time, nearly half (44%) of NSW residents pay for express deliveries, even when standard delivery claims to deliver on time. With NSW residents spending an average of $11 – $20 on express deliveries, it’s estimated to be costing $66M just for the peace of mind our gifts will arrive on time

Wayne Wang, CEO at Go People, believes delayed presents and a poor delivery experience can negatively impact retailers in a big way.

“When a delivery is late, it’s often not the courier consumers blame,” said Wang. “It’s the retailer that is perceived to be at fault. This negative experience then gets broadcast across social media, impacting the reputation of that retailer and repurchase intent.

“The Christmas period is a challenging one for retailers, as they have high online orders that can overwhelm even the biggest of delivery services and lead to thousands of angry customers. As such, it is imperative retailers select the right delivery partners during this period and have contingency plans in place to ensure all orders are filled in a timely manner,” said Wang.

It’s not just delays frustrating consumers during the Christmas period. Over half (52%) of NSW residents say parcels are hard to track. According to research from Accenture tracking parcels is one of the most important features for consumers, with 79 per cent of respondents wanting full visibility tracking.

“Tracking provides the peace of mind and transparency consumers crave. Knowing exactly where your parcel is at all times enables Aussies to better plan for the delivery of their parcel. In the hectic Christmas period, the last thing you want is to stay in all day waiting for your gifts to arrive. By offering this transparency and providing the opportunity for consumers to communicate directly with the delivery service will further improve the experience,” said Wang.

“The better the delivery experience, the more likely consumers will purchase from your store again,” he concluded.

Go People offers retailers a simpler way to do deliveries. Not only does it provide the standard courier services, comparing the leading providers to get the best price for retailers, but also uses the power of the crowd to fulfil urgent deliveries. From same day to next day to non-urgent deliveries, Go People provides all retailers delivery needs in one platform.