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Kumon math student is among the top with ATAR of 99.6

Kumon Maths Completer and Sydney Boys High School graduate, Anthony Rusli, joins Top 1% of Australia high school students with ATAR of 99.6.

The Indonesian born is the first in his family to sit the HSC. He started studying the Kumon Maths Programme as a child in Jakarta before migrating to Australia at the age of 7. 

‘It’s always been one of my father’s life long dreams to live in Australia. I’m glad that he was able to succeed in that’.

Anthony resumed his Kumon Maths studies in Sydney in Year 10 (2012) while also studying at top selective school Sydney Boys High School. Rusli completed the Kumon Maths Programme in 2015, allowing him to utilise the full benefits of the course in his 2016 HSC year. 

‘I have no doubt that it offered me a lot of benefit. The academic advantage that it gives you over the rest of your cohort is quite clear because you’re exposed to very advanced materials at a very young age.’

‘In terms of preparing for and sitting the exams, it was very stressful. I found that the regular study you need during the entire HSC is something that I was able to cope with largely due to my experience with Kumon that requires, by its nature, regular study every night. I think that’s something that gives all Kumon students a massive advantage.’

‘Kumon trains thinking at fast speeds because you’re able to think logically. I think it helped me to complete the HSC exams at a faster rate and allow me to check for mistakes more efficiently.’

Rusli hopes to study Bachelor or Commerce doubled with a Bachelor of Economics at UNSW, which requires an ATAR of 96.50

‘I’m very fortunate that my ATAR will allow me to get into a commerce degree. In the future I might like to work in the finance sector. I like to think of myself as a very social person. I’m very drawn to the idea of improving the world through my social interactions’

Rusli used his speed advantage to finish two HSC subjects a year early, accelerating in Business Studies and Mathematics 2 Unit.

‘For my HSC I did English Advanced, Mathematics 4 Unit, Physics, Economics and in 2015 I also accelerated Business Studies and Mathematics 2 unit. I finished the HSC for those two subjects in 2015. My marks were 98 in mathematics and 94 in Business studies.’

‘My study in Kumon trained me to think analytically. That helped me to see problems in physics and economics in a very logical manner, and thus helped me to solve unconventional problems, the types of which are becoming more and more popular in HSC exams.’

Rusli’s younger sister Priscilla (Year 9) is also studying Kumon Maths. At two years above her grade level, she’ll be encountering HSC mathematics subjects well in advance of her exams.

‘Kumon is well-trusted in our family. I’m from a large family with about 16 cousins and about 8 or 9 of us have been enrolled in Kumon. Those who have finished have gone on to do great things. Most of them are doctors or working with big firms like Deloitte.’

Anthony studied at the Kumon Florence St Education Centre in Hornsby under his Instructor Chia-Khin Soon who has been delivering Kumon Programmes in Maths and English since 2008.

Kumon is the world’s largest after-school education provider with more than 4.25 million students learning with Kumon across 48 countries. As of September 2016, there are over 51,000 Kumon enrolments in Kumon Education Centres across Australia & New Zealand.