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Marcos burial. Melbourne protest, Melba Marginson

Filipino Australians Protest in Melbourne Re Marcos Burial

Filipino Australians have staged a protest rally noon last Sunday, November 20, 11 at the Federation Square in Melbourne to express their outrage over the sneaky burial of the Dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ waxy remains on Friday at the Heroes Cemetery in the Philippines.   

In their Statement, the group called Australian Coalition Against the Resurgence of Dictatorship (ACARD) in the Philippines, called the burial, complete with 21-gun salute as an ‘assault on our people’s historic struggles against tyranny’.    

The Statement further says: “The Marcoses and President Rodrigo Duterte are clearly colluding, thick as thieves, to revise history and rehabilitate dictatorship.

The burial of the thief Marcos, like a thief in the night, is the latest step towards negating his ouster by People Power in 1986 and paving the way for the ascension of his namesake son as new ruler, the new patriarch of a revitalised Marcos dictatorship.” 

Melba Marginson, spokesperson for the group, says the protest action will only be the first of many activities that Filipino Australians will hold in support of the groundswell of protests in the Philippines that are aimed at stopping the resurgence of elite fascist rule.   

Ms. Marginson has also said that Filipino Australians who were victimised or has friends and relatives who were victims of the Martial Law imposed by Marcos in the 1970s, will speak at the rally. 

Concerned families were at the rally to highlight the participation of the young generation and the ‘millenials’ in the growing people’s power against the resurgence of Marcos dictatorship.