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“Barcelona: A Love Story” with Kathy Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

Star Cinema’s most-awaited movie of the year “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” unfolds in key cities worldwide via TFC@theMovies.
The Olivia M. Lamasan and Carmi Raymundo masterpiece brings back Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in a movie that tells of a love that remains unfinished and a life wanting of a fresh start
September 15, 2016 (Quezon City, Philippines).
In the tradition of bringing to life the most stirring stories as created by the industry’s finest talents and featuring various generation’s most celebrated performers, Star Cinema presents “Barcelona: A Love Untold” set to screen in key cities worldwide starting this September via TFC@theMovies.
“Barcelona: A Love Untold” marks several milestones for Star Cinema and the film industry as it is multi-awarded Olivia M. Lamasan’s newest masterpiece after her blockbuster movie “Starting Over Again.”
The movie about two individuals’ journey to love and life is written by Carmi Raymundo, the writer behind some of the most iconic Star Cinema films such as “A Second Chance,” and who is also reuniting with Lamasan after their last movie together which also happens to be “Starting Over Again.”
, it brings back one of the most-loved team ups in Philippine entertainment: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in a movie that showcases them in more mature roles.
According to Lamasan, in this movie, the two leads have transcended their status from teen stars to actors.  “Natutuwa ako.  Now they’re not only concerned with their fans, but their audience and connecting with their audience beyond the fans that they have,” Lamasan explains.
In “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” Padilla is Ely, a student taking his masters in Architecture and at the same time working as a tour guide and waiter in Barcelona.  He is a man trying to move on from a past love.
Lamasan was impressed with Padilla portraying Ely.  ‘Ang talino ng tao na ito. Grabe ang depth.’ Iba talaga if one has lived through and lived with pain. Right away, dini-discuss mo pa lang ang eksena nakikita mo na sa mata.”
On the other hand, Bernardo is Mia who travels to Barcelona to start anew.  She wants to make up for her past mistakes and prove herself worthy.
Like Mia, Bernardo also wants to prove herself further, specifically in terms of acting.  According to Lamasan, “Ako based on experience on the set, I asked Kathryn, ‘Kathryn, why did you accept this project?’
She said, ‘Inang, I want to be able to explore kung hanggang saan ko madadala ang aking acting ability.’  Lamasan added that Bernardo was very open, saying: ‘I want to be able to prove myself,’ and ako malaki ang tiwala ko kay Kathryn kasi lumaki ‘yan sa akin.”
According to Bernardo it was an honor for the team to be directed by Lamasan.  “Dito talaga all out. Talagang pag si Inang (industry nickname for Lamasan), hindi namin alam kung paano niya napapalabas ang lahat gaano pa kabigat o kagaan ang scene.  Kaya siya Inang talaga.  Grabe ang guidance niya.  Lahat iyon binabantayan niya.  And we’re very thankful na tinanggap ni Inang itong project na ito. Grabe ang pasasalamat namin dahil lahat ng artista gusto siyang makatrabaho.”
Padilla said they repaid the privilege with their willingness to learn. “Ang hirap lang minsan ng eksena. Pero hanggang pinipiga ka ng pinipiga lalabas at lalabas naman eh.  Hanggang bukas ang puso mo kay Inang, lalabas at lalabas iyon sa take, kung hindi walang mangyayari.”
Together, Mia and Ely travel through their individual struggles until they find themselves falling for each other.  The story details a budding romance until Mia realizes that Ely has yet to move on from his past.  It is in this light that the famous line from the movie, “Huwag mo akong mahalin dahil mahal kita.  Mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako because that is what I deserve” reverberates for Filipino viewers.
The story is inspired by the story of the church of Sagrada Familia which was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi as the people’s apology to God but has remained unfinished because of his death in 1926. According to Raymundo: “So hanggang ngayon hindi natatapos ang apology na ‘yon, so ang gandang metaphor. Ang gandang metaphor sa character na either hindi pa natatapos magmahal, mangarap. Kasi di ba tayo naman kapag gumagawa tayo ng kuwento ang ganda na naging coherent ‘yong lugar sa kuwento ng pelikula.”
“Barcelona: A Love Untold” which has earned Php 23 million on its first day at the Philippine box office, also features award-winning actress Aiko Melendez, actor Joey Marquez, esteemed actress Ana Capri and up and coming teen actor Joshua Garcia.
Will the love Ely and Mia find be enough for them to let their story begin?  Find out in key cinemas worldwide: September 18 in Malaysia (with a premiere featuring the cast and director of “Barcelona” A Love Untold;” September 22 in Papua New Guinea, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman; September 23 in North America and Saipan; September 24 in Europe; and September 25 in Singapore and Hong Kong; and September 29 in Australia and New Zealand.