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Ph gov’t intensifies efforts to combat El Niño

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – While the Department of Agriculture has been continuously trying to mitigate the weather phenomenon’s impact, it will utilize its quick response fund (QTF) to fast-track the delivery of appropriate services or interventions that are critical for the rehabilitation of affected areas.
From April to July, the department (DA) targets a total of 1,750 bags of rice registered seeds, 43,635 bags of certified seeds, 42,362 bags of hybrid rice/HYTA, 1,513 bags of green super rice, 80,000 kilograms of soil ameliorant/zinc sulphate, and 5,000 bags of organic fertilizer for distribution to affected farmers.
Other seed supply will serve as buffer stock for delivery to DA warehouses.
For corn, a total of 28,900 bags of open pollinated variety corn and 12,500 bags of organic fertilizer will be provided, while for high value crops, 600 kilograms and 5,500 packs of assorted vegetable seeds, 25,000 kilograms of mungbean, and 28,000 kg of mungbean will be distributed.
For livestock 4,633 bottles of biologics, 65,000 doses of medicines, 30,000 packs of surveillance for pests and diseases, 400 bags of feed concentrates, and 180 heads of goat will be provided.
Under the water augmentation initiatives, 332 units of pump and engine sets, nine units of diversion dams, 1,816 unit of pump irrigation for open source, and four units of drilling rig will be given away.
The regional field units has extended the distribution of shallow tube wells to rainfed and upland areas closer to water tributaries.
Meanwhile, the DA’s Bureau of Soils and Water Management has deployed contracted aircrafts to seed clouds for rain in identified vulnerable agricultural areas and watersheds to minimize the impact of El Niño to crop production.

Criselda Cabangon David, a happy mother of two kids, is a full-time Sociologist at the City Government of Lucena, Quezon Province. She is currently the Managing Editor of Ang Diaryo Natin Sunday News, a weekly local community newspaper in the Philippines and an active member of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.