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PM Malcolm Turnbull

Easter Message by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

For Australia’s 13 million Christians, Easter is a time of celebration, hope, and renewal.

It is the holiest and most spiritually significant of the seasons of the liturgical year—a reminder of the example set by Christ, and His commitment to serve others.

During this time, many of us will gather with family and friends and share traditional food.

We will also redouble our commitment to the less well-off, as we are reminded of our shared responsibility to love, serve and forgive one another.

The commemoration of Easter is significant not only for those of faith, but for all Australians who acknowledge the role and meaning of Christianity in our nation’s social fabric and heritage of belief.

It is also a good time to reflect on the fact that one of our country’s great strengths is the mutual respect of different communities for each other.

At the core of our success are the values that we share—hope, respect and a deep belief that everyone should have the freedom to express who they are.

So, to all celebrating Easter this year, my warmest wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday.