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6 reasons to revamp your eating routine in 2016

Atkins Nutritionals is encouraging all Australians to put healthy eating at the top of their New Year’s resolutions list this year – and it is giving us six compelling reasons why we should.

“Following a balanced, low-carbohydrate Atkins-style eating program can not only help us better manage our weight, it can positively impact all aspects of our life including our energy, concentration and confidence levels through to our sleeping and stress patterns,” said Ms. Colette Heimowitz, Vice President of Nutrition and Education at Atkins

“Switching out highly processed, high carbohydrate foods made from white flour and sugar with nutrient rich whole foods including colourful vegetables, low sugar fruits, protein, dairy and wholegrains, is the first simple step we can take towards transforming how we look and feel – a goal at the top of most people’s New Year’s resolution lists,” Ms. Heimowitz added.

Over 100 scientific studies have been undertaken proving an Atkins style eating regime can not only positively impact our weight, but our overall health and wellbeing. Read more about the findings and key benefits here

Ms Heimowitz’ top 6 reasons to go low carb in 2016 are:

  1. LOSE OR MAINTAIN WEIGHT – Cutting down on carbs allows the body to burn fat rather than store it, assisting in fast and effective weight loss and long term weight management.
  2. BOOST YOUR ENERGY LEVELS: reducing your carbohydrate intake will assist your body to avoid insulin spikes that lead to lethargy, helping keep energy levels high and on an even keel.
  3. BOOST YOUR CONCENTRATION: adopting an Atkins style eating program can result in an improvement in brain function and concentration levels – helping you to perform better at work or study.
  4. REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVELS: improving health and nutrition via a lower-ca rbohydrate diet has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. SLEEP SOUNDLY: an Atkins style approach to eating can help you feel more rested, relaxed and enjoy a sound night’s sleep.
  6. IMPROVE YOUR COMPLEXION: eliminating processed sugar and carbohydrates from your diet can help improve the health of your hair and skin, including reducing the appearance of acne.