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Life of Filipino senior citizens in Sydney


Filipino Australian Senior Citizens in Western Sydney lead an active and meaningful community life all year round, thanks to the senior citizens club they belong to.

The Philippine Australian Society of Senior Citizens  ( PASSCI) is the oldest senior citizens association for Filipino Australian residents in Sydney. It used to have a permanent second floor office in Fairfield City during its advocacy of community service to the greater senior population of the multicultural community.

Based in Fairfield, NSW, PASSCI provides an all year round program of activities for the golden citizens, following up on known Australian, Filipino and commercial dates of celebrations for senior citizens and applicable aged citizens entitlement from the government. It was founded by the late Filipino solicitor and community leader Atty Jose Relunia Sr.

The elder Relunia’s son Jose “Jun” Relunia, Jr . was last year’s PASSC president..

Celebrations of important public holidays and participation in community initiatives make life for Filipino Australian seniors interesting, in addition to the PASSCI “family” celebrations. To many senior citizens, nothing replaces fellowship and togetherness among people of same age, whether during their regular club meetings or in civic sponsored field trips to interesting spots in Sydney.

PASSCI also facilitates person to person engagement among seniors by among others celebration of individual birthdays or milestones such as wedding anniversaries and community awards receptions. Coinciding with the Filipino tradition of remembering the departed in November, PASSCI also celebrate a remembrance day gathering among members to remember former colleagues and PASSCI members.

Because of their status in life, Filipino seniors in Sydney are faithful and reliable participants of community wide meetings and seminars such us public receptions for Filipino visitors held at the Philippine consulate in Sydney.

Members Ed and Violy Escultura recently celebrated their wedding anniversary during last November meeting.

Whilst the whole of  Australia was celebrating the  famous Melbourne Cup day, PASSCI held its own sweeps event at its venue headquarter complete with celebratory fashion show among the women folk and a hearty stage program highlighting the racing event for everyone’s entertainment.

Many PASSCI seniors are thankful for the assistance of the Australian government to the aged citizens. Also they thank their respective grown up children who give them sense of belonging and support to be close to their families and grandchildren.

But a more fulfilling achievement of PASSCI seniors is their continued contributions to volunteerism which benefit the community. Recently, PASSCI seniors were the recipient of certificates of appreciation from Mayor Frank Carbone of Fairfield City Council for their volunteer work at Fairfield City.

Only last Saturday 21 November, PASSCI former presidents Violy Escultura, Anita Albao Connel, Jun Relunia , Normie Steward and  Virginia Pineda received the awards from Fairfield Mayor Carbone in behalf of PASSCI.

Some of the more active members of PASSCI include Jesusa Agcaoili, Linda Alvarez Barnes, Connie Bernabe,Col Solomon Borbon, Lydia Cosio, Violy Escultura,  Ester Icasiano, Rollie Icasiano, Virginia de Larova, Francisca Macalma , Francisca Magsalin, Romeo Monje, Perla Pimentel, Elna Ryde, Joanne Salillas, Marietta Tiglao, Dina Watts, Prima West, Mimi Wilson and Carlina Zelazny. By Jun Relunia and Bayanihan News