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$67,311 Dooleys Catholic Club Grants to APCO and ASCON bodies

dooleyDooley’s Lidcombe Catholic Club presented a community funding grant  amounting to $67, 311  to the two organisations Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations Inc (APCO) and Auburn Small Community Organisation Network Inc (ASCON)

Mr  John Munce, Board Chairman of DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club, happily presented the document for the funding to 15 officers of APCO and ASCON, led by Dr. Cen Amores, founding president of APCO, and Mr. Ruben Amores, founding leader of ASCON.

This year, under Category 1 of ClubGrants, a funding pool of approximately $671,000 was awarded to 42 projects within Auburn LGA by DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club, Auburn Soccer Cub, Auburn Tennis Club and Granville Diggers Club.

APCO received $24,250 for its ‘Managing for Excellence’ community development project, a practical training aimed to improve the leadership and management of not for profit community organisations from the Filipino and other CALD communities.

ASCON’s ‘Connect to Work’ that will assist the employment opportunities of mature­- aged migrants, youth and humanitarian entrants received $43,061. Incidentally, APCO and ASCON are headed by Ruben Amores as President and Chairman of the Board, respectively.

Meanwhile, last year APCO also received $12,530 from DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic for Category 1 ClubGRANTS for its ‘Fill in the Gap’ project aimed to provide information on various services available and how to access them and training in job seeking skills for newly arrived migrants not eligible to be serviced by Job Services Australia, refugees and asylum seekers who have been granted permit to work in Australia.