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“Peeble That Floats”, a “Me Too” Memoir by Solicitor Argel

Australia turned out to be the place of redemption for the pain and failure of then up and coming Filipina corporate lawyer Imelda Argel who suffered the “violence against women” syndrome after she got married in the Philippines and faced the prospect of single motherhood for her very young son.

Now retired Sydney Immigration lawyer Imelda Argel was bold enough to reveal after almost a lifetime of confident career as immigration lawyer in Sydney and known Filipino-Australian community leader, her once painful experience of leaving Philippines and resettling in Australia after the perennial emotional and psychological career of an aggrieved wife now popularly highlighted in present “Me Too” movement.

In her recent book “Peeble That Float”, the reader can just admire the boldness of Atty Argel to disclose her pain to the public, chapter after chapter, culminating only when she found love the second time around almost at the twilight of her life.

Once co-recipient in 2016 of the NSW Filipino Women’s Achievement Award, Argel guided guests and visitors into the highlights of her story reading appropriate passages that propelled her life as a single-parent migrant lawyer etching life and career in Australia. Earlier in 2012, Argel was also recipient of the Presidential Overseas Banaag Award

More than a hundred guests attended the book launching including close to 80 former immigration clients who benefitted one or another by Atty. Imelda Argel’s diligence and wisdom as immigration lawyer,

Living now comfortably in retirement in Sydney’s Northshore, it is quite altruistic for this woman of character to disclose the highs and lows of her journey as a Filipino migrant in Australia/
The sleek 210-page “Peeble That Floats” by Imelda Argel , published by Buckingham Press, Collaroy beach, NSW is more than a courageous woman’s memoir. Read it and you will find reasons to help you float in your own journey called life. Order your copy by contacting or text 0402-669010.

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