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Voting by iVote when you’re outside NSW on election day

voteThe NSW State Election is on Saturday, 28 March 2015. Electors should be aware that interstate and overseas voting arrangements have changed.

The iVote® system has now replaced voting in person for those people who will be outside NSW on election day.

Internet voting (iVote®): allows eligible people to cast their vote using the internet wherever they are in the world. This will provide much greater access and convenience to out-of-state electors than was previously available.

Overseas: Australian consulates overseas are no longer voting venues. The iVote® system is the recommended option.

Sydney Airport: Airports are no longer voting venues. The iVote® system is the recommended option.

Interstate: Interstate electoral offices will have iVote® terminals available for use. Alternatively you can vote via your own computer or phone. For interstate locations visit the website or call us. Voting at interstate locations is during business hours Monday, 16 March to Friday, 27 March.

iVote® registrations are now open. Once registered, people can vote via the iVote® system from Monday, 16 March until 6pm EDST on election day, Saturday, 28 March.

People who will be out of NSW on election day can still vote in person at a pre-poll voting centre before they leave or request a postal vote.

For iVote® information visit or call 1300 2iVote

(1300 24 86 83) or +61 2 9290 5287 (outside Australia)


For general information about the election visit: or call 1300 135 736