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DILG on Ebola: We are ready


QUEZON CITY, Philippines – The Philippine Government through Dept. of Interior and Local Government Sec. Mar Roxas assured that the country particularly the PNP are ready to do their share in meeting the dreaded ebola virus disease under President Aquino’s “whole government approach” that was first applied during the MERS- Corona Virus threat.

The DILG chief said during that time, the Philippine National Police’ role was to “trace the passengers that had come home but who have tested positive for the MERS-COV.

Speaking during the 97th Foundation Anniversary of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), Roxas said the government cannot be complacent knowing that “we do have 12 million Filipinos abroad. And who knows if someone among them may have at some point coming home encountered a carrier?”

But Roxas said the entire government has prepared contingency plans just like when the country was faced with the MERS-Corona Virus.

He recalled that during the height of the MERS-COV scare, the entire government worked in concerted effort to address the problem. He said, “It’s not just a healthcare issue, it is a whole of people issue that’s why it was the whole of government led by the President that addressed, not just tried but successfully addressed that matter.”

The President recently signed an executive order forming an interagency task force to manage emerging infectious diseases in the country.

Roxas said the government’s past experiences in dealing with different infectious diseases like MERS-COV, SARS, and Bird Flu have taught the people that “we must be prepared, even as the entire government is ready with its contingency plans.”

Criselda Cabangon David, a happy mother of two kids, is a full-time Sociologist at the City Government of Lucena, Quezon Province. She is currently the Managing Editor of Ang Diaryo Natin Sunday News, a weekly local community newspaper in the Philippines and an active member of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.