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Jim Castillo Wins ParE 16th Anniversary Golf Cup

By Ric de Vera, GOLF CORNER   – Jim Castillo from Stonecutter’s Ridge won the over-all champion cup in the 16th Anniversary Golf Tournament of Golf ParE Social club on August 3 at Penrith Golf & Country Club. He ran away with $200 cash, monumental trophy and the privilege to engrave his name on the perpetual trophy. “With my stableford score of only 37 points, I never expected to win” said a very enthusiastic and happy Jim. 

First runner up was Chris Hutchins followed by Russell Gaerlan as second runner up. Third runner up was Thai Tran followed by Prescilla Keogh as fourth runner up. Finally, the fifth runner up went to Albert Abit. These winners received cash prizes of $100, $75 for first and second runners up and $50 each for the rest, on top of individual trophies. 

Rey Garcia, incumbent President of Golf ParE Social club presented the trophies to the winners while immediate past president, Dodee Leones handed over the cash prizes.

“It was a perfect day and most of the 46 golfers played enjoyed their games, even the non-winners” said Rey Garcia. 

Golf ParE Social Club members play their monthly tournament in pre scheduled booking at various private golf clubs in Western Sydney with Glenmore Heritage Golf & Country club as their home club. This club was one of the three pillars that started the PAL Interclub Golf championships in 2000. 

“We never expected that our social golf club has lasted this long and it went so strong despite the break-away of some members many years ago” said Dodee Leones, immediate past president. “Thanks also to the able and continued support of Andy Porral”, he finally said. 

The tournament was followed by sumptuous lunch and drinks to the delight of all members. 

Meanwhile, twelve golfers from Sydney/Canberra representing Australia team are now ready to fly to Wellington, New Zealand for the 4th Biennial Fil TransTasman Golf Classic on October 11 & 12 hosted by the Filipino Golfers of Wellington headed by Archie Milo. Pinoy Golfers Club of Auckland headed by Ms Mitz Hansen are also joining the Wellington group as part of the New Zealand team. The format of the classis is team and individual match play between the Kiwis and the Aussies. Golf courses to be played are the Karori Golf course on Saturday and the Miramar Golf Course on Sunday.  

The Aussies captained by Art Bandian are optimistic and enthusiastic to bring back the monumental trophy which was won by the Kiwis in Canberra in 2012.