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National Union of Student Rally Front of Sydney UTS

Ethnically and culturally diverse students will be standing up against the Coalition Government’s proposals regarding tertiary education funding in a rally on Wednesday, 20th of August at the UTS Tower Building, said Mr Rayan Calimlim, officer of the National Union of Students.

Students will be rallying against a number of Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s proposals, including the transition of tertiary education payment to an American-style deregulated system, the loss of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) and cuts to tertiary education funding.

‘Minister Pyne’s proposals will reduce the quality of service provision at universities, increase university fees and create a two-tiered tertiary education system in NSW’, says National Union of Students (NUS) NSW Ethno-cultural Officer  Rayan Calimlim, who is also a University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) student and hails from a first-generation migrant background.
‘These proposals will hit students from ethnically and culturally diverse students the hardest, particularly those from first and second-generation migrant backgrounds with limited familial money or support’, he adds.
NUS notes that they will continue to advocate against these , and will continue to work with students to ensure that they receive a quality and affordable education.
NUS will have a media conference regarding its response to these threats to students at 2:00 on Wednesday, 20th of August in front of the UTS Tower.