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Lunar new year celebration

DAPA Multicultural Gala Show, August 31 at West Ryde

Lunar new year celebration
Lunar new year celebration

President Vincent Yu of the Differently Abled People’s Association or DAPA of Sydney extends his invitation to the multicultural community and the public in general to join and witness a unique type of multicultural gala show involving stage presentations and artwork exhibitions about Asian culture from  China, Korea, India and other Asian countries.

The show will be held on Sunday August 31  4:00 -6:00 pm at the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club on Ryedale Street, West Ryde.

The show  is presented by members of  DAPA, especially those involved with DAPA’s Life for Work project which employs many persons with disabilities in uplifting educational environment incorporating independent living skills and in socially and recreationally oriented strategies.

Mr Yu said,”We still have one hundred seats to fill the other third of the auditorium.  With the presence of both political parties in both State and Federal governments as well CEO’s from local Disability service providers and international organisation attending our event and with the CEO of Community Relationships Commission offered to be our first guest speaker, we do need a lot of supporters and members to fill as many seats as possible to help our “Inclusion” project.”

“You can purchase the tickets.” Mr Yu said, ” from our website or through our free smart phone application ManyMindsLink searching for Festivals. ”

” We will appreciate and send you a tax rebate receipt if you can also do a donation while looking at our website,”Mr Yu added.

Further inquiry may be also made through 047 418 180.