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Donations to Belmore Brings Back Project

PCYC Belmore Kicks Off Youth Empowerment Project

Donations to Belmore Brings Back Project
Donations to Belmore Brings Back Project

A member of New South Wales police and a Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) case officer has a unique way of  pursuing the twin goals of youth empowerment and  tackling urban poverty. NSW Senior Constable and Youth Case Officer Chris Ambat and his supporters had kicked off the “Belmore Gives Back Program” as part of the Belmore PCYC Crime Prevention Program.

The program which recently received a boost of $4,000 funding from donations by Masonicare and the St Joseph Banks Freemasons Lodge aims to teach youth by “getting them to do washing clothes, drying and folding them.

Constable Ambat said,  ‘Washed clothes are then distributed to the homeless and the disadvantaged people throughout the Inner and Metro Sydney areas’.

Last 25 June 2014, officials of the Alliance of Philipine Community Organisations or APCO , APCO founder Dr Cen Amores  and APCO Director Glorina Papaioannou witnessed the turnover of  the donation and at the same time witnessed an important announcement about APCO and PCYC Belmore.  

Senior Constable Ambat announced that PCYC Belmore will partner with  APCO in its humanitarian project. He said, “part of the donated clothes to the ‘Belmore Gives Back Program’ will be sent over to the Philippines to assist the typhoon Haiyan Relief efforts.

Ambat  sad, ‘The response from the community donating used clothes has been very positive’

“Ambat is a Filipino-Australian who is very passionate in making a difference in the lives of young people”  reported current APCO president Mr Ruben Amores.

“He provides case management, life skills training and a variety of sports activities such as: basketball, boxing, tae kwon do and weights (gym). Several programs that he has successfully run for the youth have been featured in the local newspaper.”