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June 12th Celebration at Sydney’s “MPC” Venue in Schofields, NSW

IMG_0357 pacc(2) (800x553)IMG_0347 pacc(2) (800x613)The frontage of the three bedroom brick veneer office of the Philippine Australian Cultural Centre (PACC) on the rustic surroundings of the five acre farm land on 80 Grange Road, Schofield, about 15 minutes drive from Blacktown CBD was the likely location of the simple remembrance of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence Day right on the same date it self 12 June 2014.

Like in previous years since the facility was purchased,  officials and members of the Philippine Australian Community Foundation or PACF led by septuagenarian Manny Villon were proud to hold the event more like an annual devotion, come rain or shine, on the exact time and day of  12th  June when the proclamation of Philippine Independence was held 116 years ago by then leader of the revolution  Don Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit, Cavite in the Philippines.

PACF  Chair Villon said that whilst only the Filipino flag was involved more than a century ago,  the Filipino and Australian flags are unfurled  during the occasion in Schofields.  He said this highlights the fact that Filipinos acquired their old citizenship by birth right and when they migrated they got the present Australian citizenship by their own choosing, and by being approved by the Australian department of immigration.

Mr Villon said it is important especially among the subsequent generations to recognise the importance of  these two circumstances in their role as Filipino-Australians.

Two guests of honour during the flag raising Member for Riverstone Mr Kevin Conolly and Blacktown Councillor Charlie Lowles recognised the importance of the growing Philippine community in Australia which has turned to be stalwarts of democracy and freedom not to mention its contribution to  political and economic growth in Australia.   Mr Lowles represented Member for Greenway Mrs Michele Rowlands.

Among those who attended the ceremony was  group from Filipino Freemasons of Australia, representatives of  Alliance of Philippine Community Organisation or APCO led by Mr Ruben Amores,  Plumpton Seniors group led by Mr Danny Garcia, and several members and officers of PACC.

Mr Kris Albano of the freemasons rendered  an outstanding monologue explaining the meaning an symbolisms of  the colour and features of the Philippine flag.

PACC in Schofields used to be known as MPC  or multi-purpose centre, the only Philippine community organisation which owns a  significant parcel of land geared for possible construction of a Filipino club house in Western Sydney.