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Community Radio Association Rep, out of budget lockup

The Federal Government has refused to allow community broadcasting representatives entry to the budget lock-up, despite the fact the future of the community radio rests on the detail of the budget.
The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia – the organisation behind the Commit to Community Radio campaign – was told today that its application for entry into the budget lock-up has been refused.
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia President Adrian Basso said with the future of community radio and TV stations hanging in the balance, the move is disappointing.
“Community radio and TV supporters have a lot riding on the upcoming budget,” Mr Basso said. “The future of our community stations rests on the outcome of this budget.”
“It’s disappointing that the Federal Government is forcing the community broadcasting sector to play catch up after the budget is released publicly.
“The Government of the time in the past has always seen it appropriate to let key representatives like the Community Broadcasting association of Australia into the budget lock-up. We’re not sure why this year would be any different.
“If the Federal Government adopts the Commission of Audit’s recommendation to abolish funding for community broadcasting, stations right across the country could be forced off air. Community supporters deserve to know about that as quickly as possible.
Mr Basso said the reason given for the lock-out is that the Federal Government is prioritising member-based industry associations and charities – both categories the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia fits into.
“We hope this isn’t a sign that the Government intends to dish out bad news for the community radio and TV sector and the millions of people across the country who rely on it.”