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Briefings on Philippine Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes, Properties and Risk Reduction

Sydney-based Australia Philippines Chamber of Commerce, Inc (APCCII), will be holding a briefing about Philippines Taxes, Other important Philippine legislations and Risk management on 1st June 2014, Sunday, 2pm-5pm at Crystal Palace Restaurant, 4th Floor, Westpoint Shopping Centre, Main Street, Blacktown 2148.

Guest speakers from the Philippines who will be attending the Rotary International Conference at Homebush are:

1.      Rene Punzalan, Philippine Tax Lawyer, CPA,

2.      Cloy Yturzaeta, CPA, Risk Management Specialist, former GM Petron.

The following important Philippine issues will be discussed:

1.      Philippine income tax for dual citizens (Australian – Filipino)

2.      Inheritance tax (inheriting properties from your parents and or leaving your properties to your children

3.      Capital gains tax (selling your properties or transferring titles of your properties)

4.      Buying condominiums or lands in the Philippines

5.      Renting properties in the Philippines

6.      VAT (Valued added tax) for products and services

7.      Reducing your risk for your investment/properties in the Philippines

8.      How to open business in Phils? Regulations, permits & licenses. Tax on business investments.

There will be a question ad answer session as well .

APCCII President, Mr. Robert Bock, is inviting  community leaders, business persons and interested individuals to attend.

Admission  which covers include snacks and food costs  $25.00 with  APCCII financial members at $20.00