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Global Filipino Games at Kevin Betts, Mt Druitt, NSW April 19th & 20th

An assorted groups of Philippine community sports organisations Australia wide lead by Philippine Australia Sports and Culture (PASC), Inc. will hold the 38th meeting of its yearly intramural among state sports delegations during the Australia holy week holidays, mainly on Easter Saturday 19 April 2014.
PASC  which is based in Sydney will host the  “Lenten games” which had been called  a number of  different names including the latest monicker as Global Filipino Games mainly because of organiser’s outreach to include Filipino sports aficionados from Singapore.
This annual sports  event which started as an annual sports fellowship among sports aficionados from NSW, Victoria and ACT now prides of its affiliate sporting clubs from South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory.
Venue for this year which will  showcase sports of basketball will be Kevin Bett Basketball Stadium on Ralph St., Mt Druitt, NSW.
 Dignitaries are expected to attend  during the kick-off ceremony on Saturday morning.
Filipino Australian basketball, golf, tennis and chess  players from Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales will be competing for the various trophies.Golf tournament will be held at New Brighton on Easter Sunday 20 April.
Global Filipinos organisation president and stalwart of  PASC activities Mrs Lolita Farmer, OAM  invites the public “to feel the spirit of sportsmanship on display in its highest level and inspire the sportsmen and women in their quest for the victory.”