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Free Masons group donates $10,000 to Down Syndrome NSW


Pagong1 (640x479)February 15 – Ms Tracy Arestides of Down Syndrome Association NSW received two  cheques to the total of $10,000 from  Mr Jaime Melville, Deputy Grand Master of United Grand Masons  of NSW & ACT , reported  Mr Josseph  Orbase., special projects coordinator of PAK Sydney Pond.

The amount was from the  MasoniCare NSW, the charitable arm of the UGK Freemasons .

Mr Orbase said,  the  donation was initiated by a group of Sydney Freemasons from different Lodges who formed a Masonic Social group called “Pagong Ako Kuyang” (I am a Turtle Brother) or PAK, Sydney Pond.” 

Mr Orbase said Masonic Brother Turtle Oliver Gadista of Lodge Jose Rizal, a songwriter, producer and an artist conceived and orchestrated this project by encouraging a group of Masons to sing and record Christmas songs to produce and sell a CD album, titled “True Lights of Christmas.

The sale of CDs reportedly raised  $5,000  which was then  matched dollar for dollar by MasoniCare NSW  to reach the  total of $10,000  presented to Down Syndrome NSW. 

Mr Orbase said  Mr Gadista was previously involved with the successful production of another music CD called ONE (Our New Era) album for the Typhoon Washi (Sendong) aid appeal in 2012.  

Ms Tracy Arestides of Down Syndrome NSW commented that she was very appreciative of the donation and thanked the Freemasons, a fraternity that she was not aware of until that day.  She added that the donation will help assist and support parents whose child is affected with “down syndrome.”  

The presentation was attended by some 65 guests including the ladies, the Grand Senior Warden, RWBro Antoine Georges  and other distinguished Masons  who all enjoyed  the  lunch and fellowship.

Pagong Ako Kuyang, Sydney Pond is a newly formed Masonic social group based in Sydney which was modelled to the  similar charity group called  (Pagong Ako Kuyang, Pilipinas) under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines,  The objective of Pagng, Ako Kuyang Pilipinas   is to help and assist homeless and displaced street kids of the well known charity organisation  Bantay Bata Philippines.

Pagong Ako Kuyang, Sydney Pond  said, Mr Orbse, is very much  thank  to  clib members especially their families and friends for the overwhelming support and also with utmost appreciation and gratitude for the special participation of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT and MasoniCare NSW, .