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Letter to Editor: Two views on ‘racing ambassador”

From the Bayanihan News Mailbox:
Dear Editor,
Racing is the sport of kings (and not queens) because the O’Farrell Government and its Racing Minister, George Souris, have only ever appointed men to the controlling bodies of the sport.
In a classic case of jobs for the boys (rather than the girls) Racing NSW, which is appointed directly by Minister Souris, has just one woman on its seven member board of directors, while the Australian Turf Club, Harness Racing NSW and NSW Harness Racing Club can find room for almost two dozen men between them, but not one single woman.
Celebrity ambassadors like Stephanie Rice and girls of racing swimsuit calendars will not shatter the grass ceiling of the racing boys club in NSW – and Mr Souris is duty bound to take action on the gross gender imbalance in the administration of the sport.
A.P. Baksheeff
19 Roberts Street
Strathfield 2135
N.S.W. Australia
Dear Sir/Madam,
NSW Racing Minister George Souris may trumpet that having Celebrity Apprentice and Olympian Stephanie Rice as a goodwill ambassador for the Trots “highlights the important role women play in all sports, including harness racing”.
But actions speak louder than words on Mr Souris’ record on the appointment of women to the controlling bodies of the three race codes in his own portfolio.
There are two women out of five Greyhound Racing NSW board members, just one woman out of seven Racing NSW board members and zero women out of five Harness Racing NSW board members.  (What’s more, Harness Racing NSW employs not one single woman at a senior or middle management level.)
Instead of announcing more ambassadors or launching girls of racing swimsuit calendars, Minister Souris should be fair dinkum about women in the sporting leadership roles he appoints – only that highlights the important role women play in all sports”.
Yours faithfully,
Edna Godwyn
P.O. Box 1036
Burwood North NSW 2134