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Jimmy Pimentel

Jimmy Pimentel: The Elder Statesman of Sydney’s Community Press

Left-right: Jimmy Pimentel, the author and Alfredo "Ding" Roces
Left-right: Jimmy Pimentel, the author and Alfredo “Ding” Roces

 Filipino Press Group of Sydney or FilpressSyd had benefited from his wealth of ideas about the communication profession.  

Ka Jimmy or Papa Jim, Jaime K Pimentel, 77,  of  Lidcombe, NSW  is a Master in Journalism graduate from Chicago University and an experienced media man. For  a time he worked in advertising in the Philippines, then a radio broadcaster not to mention, roles in  print media  whilst his sideburns were still young and long.  

In Manila he was active in swimming and boxing during his university days. Jimmy migrated to Australia not only with his press credentials but with boxing referee’s license. 

During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he helped the Philippine boxing delegation settle down outside the Olympic village rallied the community in extending material and financial help to the boxers. In earlier years, he organised a least known Cabanila Brotherhood which functioned as a charity club  for Filipino boxers starting  out boxers in Sydney as well as  old poor unfortunate retired boxers. 

As convenor, Jimmy initiated the main FiIpress club among not only among the community’s media practitioners, but among those who were interested to contribute to the community as story tellers” for the community.

He was instrumental in organising the monthly meeting of Filpress in a Sydney restaurant, inviting speakers such as mainstream newspaper editors, visiting VIPs from the Philippines, media practitioners from SBS, Fairfax newspapers, practising artists and cartoonists, NGO workers from the Philippines, as well as visiting Manila entertainers.

Two years ago he organised what he called as Broadcast Cell or a feedback group among Philippine community radio broadcasters. He passed on management of  the community program Radio Sandigan on 2RD in Strathfield to a couple of new Filipino broadcasters and helped set up four more community radio programs in as many radio stations in Western Sydney.

One of Jimmy’s passions is to lift up the role of the Philippine Australian Cultural Centre (PACC) formerly known as MPC or multi-purpose centre when it was first located in Rooty Hill. 

Back in the old site of MPC, Jimmy used to bring his Ateneo Alumni Association of Australia colleagues to do the gardening and grounds  makeover.

In MPC’s new home as PACC in Schofields, Jimmy continues to help PACC build the place as a magnet to the community. At one time, Jimmy rallied the community to plan crops on the farm property even as he moved the Filpress office and memorabilia to the site. He hosts practical  journalism seminars when he can at PACC. He prefers to call the place “Camp Bonifacio” in the hope that this maverick hero in Philippine history might receive similar PR in the community like the national hero Jose Rizal already has.

In January 2010, Filpress initiated a fund campaign to help victims of the Ampatuan massacre in Maguindanao province. Filpress was able to raise  in 2010 a total of $3,880 Australian  which was turned over to the National Press  Club in Manila. The following year, Filpress hosted a Christ-mas Party and raised over $500 in donation to a Bankstown refuge for unwed mothers.

This year Filpress will invite members, former members and friends of the club on its Christmas party on Sunday night of December 8th for good old Christmas celebration for the Filpress family.