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Israel Philippines New Life Christian Ministries of Tel Aviv,Israel

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Israel Philippines New Life Christian Ministries International and Manila visitors

Seventeen Filipinos from the Spiritual Highlights-Capitol City Foursquare Church (CCFC)   Holy Land Tour visited the Christian congregation of the Philippine Israel Christian Life Ministries (PICLM)  in Levanda, Tel Aviv which comprised mostly of Filipino caregivers working in Israel and their families Friday night last 25 October.

Pastor Kyze Garcia a caregiver herself  leads the congregation for the last eleven years. They meet three times a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Members attend church on staggered schedules, during the caregivers’  week off days.  They have a few members who are studying in Israel  on government scholarships.

The congregation is now on its 16th year, according to church member Ms Gina Sia.

On Friday evening of 25 October, the congregation were happy to welcome  a delegation coming from the Philippines .  Senior Pastor of  CFCC Dr Jun Ferez who was the spiritual host of the tour group spoke before the congregation giving encouragement  to members.

Many of the caregivers had locked in contract with their employers  and  had lived  five years or more without going back home to the Philippines. Their personal  contacts with relatives and loved ones in the Philippine were mostly through  long distance phones and of by Skype video-phone.

As can be expected their job security not to mention their working visa considerations usually depend upon their employer.

Ps Garcia said they have total 150 members  with portions of that coming on any of their three weekly  Friday, Saturday or Sunday meetings at the fourth floor of their Levanda Street  address in Tel Aviv.

Church members were so happy to welcome the Filipino visitors that the congregation waited for them until 8:00 pm to start their Friday night church service.  The hosts treated the visitors to a sumptuous fare of Filipino dishes to the relief of Filipino tour members who had been  adjusting to Middle Eastern food for the past four days.

Ps Garcia asked the visitors to continue praying for the Filipinos working in Israel many of which work overseas for stretches of five to seven years.

Like many other caregivers  in Italy, UK and other parts of Europe and the Middle East, many of them  sacrificed a great deal to provide for their families in the Philippines.

But by the looks of it, at least they  had found a well meaning oasis at the Levanda street address in Tel Aviv.