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ACBS photo

Wanted: Customs & Border Volunteers Foster Pup carers

puppies photo by ACBS

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) is looking for volunteer foster carers to provide a home for puppies from two to 15 months of age.

The ACBPS puppy foster carer program enables individuals or families to enjoy the fun of raising a puppy, while at the same time providing an important service to the community.

The ACBPS breeds its own Labrador Retriever puppies at the National Detector Dog Program Facility located in the north-west of Melbourne.

These adorable pups will not only go on to perform an important role for the ACBPS, but will also work for numerous agencies across Australia, protecting the community in a variety of ways.

Becoming a foster carer for the Detector Dog Program is a good way of enjoying a pet without the costs associated with pet ownership. The ACBPS will cover all costs associated with caring for the pup, including food, veterinary needs and equipment while also providing expert advice and training.

In return, carers provide a safe home for the pup and also get them used to the sights, sounds and smells of their urban or suburban areas, priming them for working in the busy ACBPS environment.

There are a number of pup recruits waiting for a family to foster them. At the moment, the ACBPS has 60 pups and five older dogs awaiting a home.

Dione Coyle, a Canine Development Team Leader with the Detector Dog Program said that another four litters are expected to be born soon.

“Our detector dogs play an integral role in protecting the borders. These pups, if successful in their training, will grow up to assist in detecting narcotics and other illicit materials at the border.

“By getting involved families will have an opportunity to help protect their community.”

For information on becoming a ACBPS Puppy Foster Carer see the ACBPS Puppy Carer website or phone 1800 664 106.