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Filipino Australian Candidates in Australian Elections

Villaver (250x320)
Ronaldo Villaver for Senate
Carmen Garcia (266x320)
Carmen Garcia for seat of Adelaide
jayme diaz
Jayme Diaz for seat of Greenway

There’d been Filipino-Aussie candidates in every Australian election this decade.

Candidate for Greenway Mr Jayme Diaz (Liberal) whose Youtube  video of his dismal TV interview went viral all over the world is not the first,  nor the only candidate of Filipino origin who  aspired for a seat in the Australian Parliament.

In this year’s September 7th election,  three  Filipino heritage are running for the Australian Parliament, two for the House of Representatives and one for the Senate.  Blacktown solicitor Jayme Diaz of course is eyeing the Federal  seat of Greenway presently held by Mrs Michele Rowland who won over Diaz in the 2010 election.

In South Australia, former youth leader Ms Carmen Garcia (Liberal) is challenging  for the first time sitting Member for Adelaide Ms Kate Ellis (Labor);

Running for the Senate is logistics officer Mr Ronaldo Villaver who is the lead candidate of the Australian Democrat Party representing New South Wales.

In 2010 Federal Election, three Filipino heritage candidates Jayme Diaz, Michel Santos and Ronaldo Villaver ran for the seat of Greenway  against MP  Ms Michele Rowland. Their primary votes in 2010 – Rowland Lab 32;385; Jaymes Diaz Lib 31,715; Michael Santos Ind 715 and Ronaldo Villaver Dem 506

In the same 2010 Federal Election, Filipino-Australian nursing graduate  Ms Venus Sobrino Priest  Lib ran against now sitting Member for Chifley Mr Ed Husic Lab.  Their results after preferences, Husic Lab 37,778 and Priest Lib 21,946

A solicitor himself, Jayme Diaz is the eldest son of Blacktown  Councillor and solicitor Jess Diaz (Liberal)  , 70 years old, who is seen to have prepared  the path for Jayme to inherit the Diaz political inheritance.

The elder Diaz was one of the early presidents of  Filipino peak organisation and ran but lost as  Liberal Party candidate for the  Chifley  against then long serving MP Mr Roger Price.

A number of Filipino Australians had run as candidates in local government elections, but only reportedly two had tried to run for a state elective positions  and lost, namely the late newspaperman Mr Oscar Landicho and Blacktown accountant Mr Reming Biala.

What the Filipino migrants in Australia seem to desire is  for someone from the community to rise up and be elected as symbol of representation for a migrant community that have quietly settled in and contributed to Australian society

Following is a summary listing of  Filipino Australians who ran in the 2008 and 2012 Australian local government elections to supplement our knowledge about  Filipino Australians to watch out in future Australian elections. In the Filipino language, the abangan candidates.

2008 Local Government Election – Blacktown – Jess Diaz Lib (won), Celestino Velasco Ind, Venus Priest Lib, Dorothy del  Valle Lab. ; Fairfeld – Ariel Satorre Greens ;  Rolando Atienza Lab.; Canterbury – Malyn Andres Chun Ind; Campbelltown – Rose Lay Community Development Party; Liverpool – Ron Barcelo Ind); Randwick -Craig Wing No Parking Party; Temora – Irene Broad Ind (won)

2012 Local Government Election – Blacktown – Jess Diaz Ind (won), Neria Soliman Ind, Jose Respall Lib; Dorothy del Valle Lab., Campbelltown – Rey Manoto Lab., Rose Lay Community Devlopement Party; Gosford – Emily Rudd; Farifield – Marie Antoinette Satorre.