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PNoy’s Grade to Filipinos in Latest Pulse Asia Survey

The latest Pulse Asia Ulat ng Bayan national survey showed results of President Benigno Aquino III “barely passing” grade in poverty reduction and “good” in 11 areas of governance including management of economy and strengthening of political institutions.


The survey was conducted from June 20 to July 4 using face-to-face interviews with 1,200 adults with sampling error margin of plus or minus three percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level.


The president’s averages range from 75 in poverty reduction to 80 in the management of the economy and delivery of basic services to Filipinos.


He received a five-point improvement in his median grade in this area from 75 to 80, while a one-percentage point gain on the issue of economic management from 79 in August 2011 to 80 in June 2013.


However, he experienced a one-point decline in his grade on the issue of equal law enforcement from 79  to 78.


All other mean and median grades were just the same during the period according to Pulse Asia.


Other areas of governance Aquino received a median grade of 80 were increasing peace in the country, ensuring the delivery of basic services such as health, education and low cost housing to Filipinos in need; enforcing the law on both influential and ordinary people, reducing poverty, strengthening the relations of the Philippines with other countries, fighting graft and corruption in government, addressing criminality, stopping the destruction and abuse of the environment; and, controlling population growth.


Corabelle is the Bayanihan's Phillippine News Correspondent.