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FC Carranz thank supporters for Kanga Cup win in Canberra

Kanga2 (320x213)“Thank you to all our supporters in Manila and we are able to bring home the bacon,” said head coach Marlon Maru of the 18-person delegation FC Carranz   U18 after winning the Kanga Cup last Friday 12 July in Canberra, ACT.  Coach  Maru said it was an important exposure for the youth who showed strong potential to be in the national soccer team of the future.

Representing the Philippine under 18 ,  FC Carranz  captured  top post in the Kanga Cup tournament with a clean 3 wins and no loss record including the final game Friday 12 July against the Capital Football Seniors NTC  with a lone goal by Valentin Calvo of the visitors.

The delegation was drawn from a pool of 38 footballers from various university and athletic football clubs all over the Philippines including a core of footballers from Carranz FC in Metro  Manila.  The delegation was led by FC Carranz Manager Alvin Carranza and coach Marlon Mara..

The team won all their three matches in the series held at the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) in Canberra, ACT. The trip to Australia was the first time the squad had played t0gether, with each player coming from a mother football club.

After successful tryout in Manila, Sydney footballer James Enzon Chun, 17,  played in in Canberra  as goalkeeper during the second game which the team won to land a berth in the final.  Replacing Chun in the third and final game,  Raphael de Guzman repelled no more than six attempts from the opposing Capital Football NTC  to secure a goal-less result for the host team.

In the crucial final game against the Capital Footballers,  a quick header by  Val Calvo  from the right field 5 minutes from start buoyed up the tenacious and doggedly determined U-18 Azcals down to the rest of the match.

Coach Marlon Maru  who was visibly determined to win the game often shouted  his  instruction across the paddock  said it was important experience for the boys. He said he understand the the physical type of games in international meetings. The Azcals played a tight defensive game which negated the  height advantage and finesse of the local Canberra club.

Diminutive strikers Arnet Armita no. 3  was  of picture of perpetual motion ever probing and penetrating the enemy’s goal area which gave the opposition some manning problems.

Sources said Kanga Cup is a long running competition for the youth involving 250 teams and at least 4,000 players .

Members of the team are Arman Aguinaldo, Harold Alcores, Arnet Amita, Junell Bautsta, Nikko Benedicto, Mark Besano, Nicholas Bolier, Skie Doug Carano, Jaime Ezun Chung, Jan Clarino, Daniel Diamante, Van Rey Diaz, Kenetth Hartenan, Yoshiheru Koizume, Raphael de Guzman and Valentin Cavo.

Team officers: Alvin Carranza, manager; Malon Maru, head coach , Ramon Manuel, assistant coach, Glen Hilig, trainer; and  Noel Marcaide, goalkeeper coach.

Another younger team called Azcals U16 is reportedly also overseas, in Cambodia competing in another age bracket international tournament.