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Filipino Cultural Dancers

June is time to shine for Sydney’s Filcom cultural groups

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The month of June is time to shine for many of Sydney’s Filipino cutural groups.

With the series of June 12 Independcence Day celebrations on different weekends,  flag raising  ceremony and cultural performances are obligatory in most events.

The least event organisers can do to show an aura of Philippine patriotism  would be the singng of the national anthem. In glorious barong attire, of course.

Sydney based Banag- Banag Dancers  upped the ante with their colourful  number last Saturday 8 June during the Australia Philippines Services League (APSL) sponsored celebration at Bowman Hall in Blacktown. Three other  groups namely  the Visayan Association of Australia dancers, AGAPI seniors and the Sonata Singers performed  with equal fervour on stage highlighting a specific theme in Philippine life.

Banag Banag dancers consisted of Lolette Manti, Pa Kennedy, Prescy Sedicol, Glyza Carnable, Honey Pullie, Fe Nugid, Mary Hapin, Linda Nacua, Aline Fernandez, Mae Kennedy , Caterbas, Nenita Renshaw, Merlyn Demetrio  and Meriam Panagniban , trainer.

The latter sighed with relief after they completed  a “Sambalilo” dance onstage to the applause of the audience which included Balacktown City Council officials and Members of the Federal  Parliament Mr. Ed Husic of Chiefley and Ms Michele Rowlands of Greenway.

Ms Panganiban said their performance was the result of many weekends of practice and thanks to the dedication of the girls who sometimes had to be off from work to fulfil their preparation.

Other folk dance clubs performed during  subsequent PCC-NSW Independence Day Ball in Rosehill, NSW and the APCO Freedom Day Ball in Lidcombe, and the Filipino Community Council of Campbelltown Area, in Campbelltown.

Knowing that many dignitaries such as Australian government officials, Australian celebrities, and Philippine community leaders not to mention Philippine diplomatic officials encourage them to show the best both in their clothes and in their stage act.

One surmises Philippine Independence Day celebrations are welcome substitutes to the many Filipino folk festivals and fiestas in the Philippines when ordinary citizens are provided an avenue to celebrate and reenact many treasured traditions whether in apparel, in songs or in dances.

One cannot blame them because there are really very few times in a year when Filipinos can showcase the best from Filipino culture. Not in birthday parties, wedding receptions nor in small community events where the group can shine and build up a bit of self esteem performing a part of one’s  treasured culture.

Banag banag
Banag banag
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Visayan Ass’n of Australia Dancers

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