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Umbrella Community Organisations

Peak organisation officials should take this advice from businessman Mr Manny Diel.  Accontant and entrepreneur Mr Diel is one whom I can call a sequential role player in the community. He has served as PCC-NSW president, Filipino Business Council president, FILCCA officer. He is now Philippine TV Channel 7 stringer and editorial writer for another community newspaper.  He assumed several hats in the community apparently, in sequence or one after another not juggling them simultaneously.

Mr Diel said it would be worthwhile for peak organisation officials to focus and spend their time on one particular calling in the community, possibly the higher positions.  This means resigning from other positions, characteristically, as president or officer of  an affiliate organisation.

It is unfair both on the part of the peak body and the affiliate association to receive partial commitment or token service.  Either positions need not only productivity and pro-activity, but even so creativity in the volunteer jobs but very significant roles in the community.

This is especially with the president of the peak organisation.  As former president of PCC-NSW, Mr. Diel is a member  of a council of adviser consisting of former presidents since its establishment. He wonders why this “council ofelder statesmen” of PCC is rarely convened these days for inputs of those who “have been there and done that.”

Mr. Diel observed that in the history of PCC-NSW, presidents and members of the board of directors serve for a minimum of one year and simultaneously as presidents of the affiliate bodies they came from.

Mr. Diel said this has to stop.  In their term of one year, peak organisation officers rarely put into their heart the real visions and goals of the peak organisations resulting to passive inputs until the next yearly election and they go back to their positions in the affiliate bodies.

Mr.  Diel said state peak organisation such as PCC-NSW have enormous support firstly from the countrywide peak body Filipino Community Council or FILCCA and other ethnic councils outside the Philippine community. Not to mention  federal and state officials who want to speak to one official, one body representing the community.

WARNING to condominium owners in the Philippines who are paying amortisations for their would-be property.  A  Western Sydney couple authorised a lowly-paid condominium employee to draw money from their local Philippine bank account to pay for their monthly amortisation to the condominium company.  Somewhere along the way, they found out their Philippine bank  has authorised withdrawal from their account huge amount ten times over the expected withdrawal.  The couple had asked a lawyer in Manila to investigate.